When it’s 53 wonderful degrees in January no one should complain about anything. Chris rode 89 miles in shorts; I ran 5 in short sleeves. I smiled throughout the entire run.  I grabbed my camera in the late afternoon. Usually at this time of the year, I don the winter snow pants, heavy boots, and wear fleece upon fleece.  For all the gear I didn’t seem to need today, I met two that were positively overdressed for the weather were having. The colorful characters are familiar to many of Durham passerby’s.  My kid’s never pass by without a long and drawn out “MOOOOOOO”. For the many a smile they provide, they are today’s ordinary miracle. They are big, hairy beautiful miracles that amaze me every time I see them.  Today, I was lucky enough to meet these gargantuan bovines up close and personal and say hello. I swear their noses are larger than my head. Still, they were gentle and curious and hardly bashful for the camera.  Luckily, these Highland cattle have a wonderful home to graze; one that would make their Scottish cousins envious.  Today would be just another day I thank my lucky stars I live where I do.  These residents, although a bit hairy bring a uniqueness to town, one that keeps me smiling and the kids mooooing. 



01/09/2012 05:24

Gentle giants! Next time I'd love to go to this farm. Thanks for yesterday, had a blast playing with your gear and experiencing Durham/MIddlefield through your eyes.

01/09/2012 09:16

Beautiful Bovines. Also love the chickens shot.Interesting that you also zoned in on that very famous Depression shot of the mom and her two kids. For previous generations, that photo delineated what the Depression was all about.


Jen, Beautiful photos as always. Love your stories too,

01/10/2012 06:27

very nice great photos once again


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